Sunday, January 28, 2007

Highlights from Show 1 (Jan. 27)

The topics for our first show were English as a National Language and Overseas Adoptions. Despite some technical difficulties (so, we're amateurs), and having only one caller (thanks Denora), the show went pretty well.

Here are the highlights of topic one:

(1) Andrew pointed out that when people are in customer service jobs it is necessary that they speak the language of their customers. In fact, there needs to be something unifying the people of America and what better way to do so than through language?

(2) Kristina agreed saying that language has become yet another way for those controlling the wealth to divide the rest of the country, and therefore keeping them from partaking in the wealth. In fact, language has become just as discriminatory as race and economic status.

(3) We talked about the need to redefine the word "assimilate" so that is no longer has negative connotations. After all, when Italian and Irish immigrants came to the US, learning English was a necessity. They wanted to become part of the country by learning the language and meshing their own cultures with that of the US.

What do you think about English as a National Language?

Here are the highlights from topic two:

(1) Kristina criticized Angelina Jolie for saying that adoptive parents are more fit than birth parents because she is not the poster child for mental stability. In fact, as an ex-cutter and one who has jumped from relationship to relationship, it can be argued that Jolie is no more fit to be a mom than anyone else. The only thing that separates her from a normal person is her money and all that means is that she can pay her nanny very well.

(2) Kristina also discussed what happens to the children who are not adopted here because potential parents are adopting overseas. Minority children are less likely to be adopted and if they are not adopted by age 2 then it is likely that they will never be adopted. Those who say that women who find themselves with unwanted pregnancies should not have abortions and give their children up for adoption don't realize that the chances of adoption are very slim.

(3) Overseas adoptions are trendy and while it is OK to adopt a African, Indonesian, or Asian child (they are very exotic and need to be saved from the horrors of growing up in underdeveloped nations) it is not alright to adopt an American minority child because they are not exotic enough.

Denora called in to discuss Angelina Jolie and her lack of true parenting knowledge.

What do you think? Should US parents looking to adopt by pass children from the US and look overseas?

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